QCoDeS example with Attocube ANC300

The test controller is equiped with two ANM150 axis modules

from qcodes_contrib_drivers.drivers.Attocube.ANC300 import ANC300

Check the USB-Port and change it accordingly

ANC = ANC300( name='ANC300', address='ASRL7' )

There are up to 7 axis available (axis1 .. axis7). At startup all axis are scanned. If there is no axis installed, the submodule with the specific name will not be created.

axis1 = ANC.submodules['axis1']

Read and change the current frequency setting for this axis

print( "FREQ ", axis1.frequency()   )
FREQ  210
print( "FREQ ", axis1.frequency()   )
FREQ  200

The movement runs asynchronosly, there is no function to get the current position

axis1.mode( 'stp' )
axis1.amplitude( 20 )
axis1.move( 2000 )

Wait until the axis stops (after the number of steps or after the ‘stopMove()’ command)


Close the connection to the device