QCoDeS [UNRELEASED DRAFT] (2022-07-07)

Breaking Changes:

  • Restrictions on instrument names are now less strict than in 0.34.0. Submodules are allowed to have names that are not valid identifier as long as the full name is an valid identifier. (#4257)


  • qcodes.dataset.doNd() now logs more information about how parameters are unpacked and grouped making it easier to debug. (#4288)

  • do_nd: save plot with ‘tight’ bbox to prevent tick marks with long labels pusing out the axis label out of the canvas window and not visible (#4360)

New Drivers:

  • Add Keithley 2634B model to 2600 driver (#4290)

Improved Drivers:

  • The Keysight N52 series drivers have gained a parameter to control RF output. (#4301)

  • Improved Keysight N51x1 driver: make frequency option detection compatible with multiple options installed on device. (#4342)