qcodes.dataset.legacy_import.import_dat_file(location: str, exp: Optional[qcodes.dataset.experiment_container.Experiment] = None) List[int][source]

This imports a QCoDeS legacy :class:.`DataSet` into the database.

  • location – Path to file containing legacy dataset

  • exp – Specify the experiment to store data to. If None the default one is used. See the docs of Measurement for more details.

qcodes.dataset.legacy_import.setup_measurement(dataset: qcodes.data.data_set.DataSet, exp: Optional[qcodes.dataset.experiment_container.Experiment] = None) qcodes.dataset.measurements.Measurement[source]

Register parameters for all :class:.`DataArrays` in a given QCoDeS legacy dataset

This tries to infer the name, label and unit along with any setpoints for the given array.

  • dataset – Legacy dataset to register parameters from.

  • exp – experiment that the legacy dataset should be bound to. If None the default experiment is used. See the docs of Measurement for more details.

qcodes.dataset.legacy_import.store_array_to_database(datasaver: qcodes.dataset.measurements.DataSaver, array: qcodes.data.data_array.DataArray) int[source]
qcodes.dataset.legacy_import.store_array_to_database_alt(meas: qcodes.dataset.measurements.Measurement, array: qcodes.data.data_array.DataArray) int[source]