Source code for qcodes.instrument_drivers.Minicircuits.USB_SPDT

import os
from typing import Optional, Any, Dict

# QCoDeS imports
from qcodes.instrument_drivers.Minicircuits.Base_SPDT import (
    SPDT_Base, SwitchChannelBase)

    import clr
except ImportError:
    raise ImportError("""Module clr not found. Please obtain it by
                         running 'pip install pythonnet'
                         in a qcodes environment terminal""")

[docs]class SwitchChannelUSB(SwitchChannelBase): def _set_switch(self, switch: int) -> None: self._parent.switch.Set_Switch(self.channel_letter, switch - 1) def _get_switch(self) -> int: status = self._parent.switch.GetSwitchesStatus(self._parent.address)[1] return int(f"{status:04b}"[-1 - self.channel_number]) + 1
[docs]class USB_SPDT(SPDT_Base): """ Mini-Circuits SPDT RF switch Args: name: the name of the instrument driver_path: path to the dll serial_number: the serial number of the device (printed on the sticker on the back side, without s/n) kwargs: kwargs to be passed to Instrument class. """ CHANNEL_CLASS = SwitchChannelUSB PATH_TO_DRIVER = r'mcl_RF_Switch_Controller64' def __init__(self, name: str, driver_path: Optional[str] = None, serial_number: Optional[str] = None, **kwargs: Any): # we are eventually overwriting this but since it's called # in __getattr__ of `SPDT_Base` it's important that it's # always set to something to avoid infinite recursion self._deprecated_attributes = {} # import .net exception so we can catch it below # we keep this import local so that the module can be imported # without a working .net install clr.AddReference('System.IO') from System.IO import FileNotFoundException super().__init__(name, **kwargs) if != 'nt': raise ImportError("""This driver only works in Windows.""") try: if driver_path is None: clr.AddReference(self.PATH_TO_DRIVER) else: clr.AddReference(driver_path) except (ImportError, FileNotFoundException): raise ImportError( """Load of mcl_RF_Switch_Controller64.dll not possible. Make sure the dll file is not blocked by Windows. To unblock right-click the dll to open properties and check the 'unblock' checkmark in the bottom. Check that your python installation is 64bit.""" ) import mcl_RF_Switch_Controller64 self.switch = mcl_RF_Switch_Controller64.USB_RF_SwitchBox() if not self.switch.Connect(serial_number): raise RuntimeError('Could not connect to device') self.address = self.switch.Get_Address() self.serial_number = self.switch.Read_SN('')[1] self.connect_message() self.add_channels()
[docs] def get_idn(self) -> Dict[str, Optional[str]]: # the arguments in those functions is the serial number or none if # there is only one switch. fw = self.switch.GetFirmware() MN = self.switch.Read_ModelName('')[1] SN = self.switch.Read_SN('')[1] id_dict = { 'firmware': fw, 'model': MN, 'serial': SN, 'vendor': 'Mini-Circuits' } return id_dict