Source code for qcodes.instrument_drivers.Keysight.keysightb1500.KeysightB1530A

from typing import Optional, TYPE_CHECKING, Any

from .KeysightB1500_module import B1500Module
from .constants import ModuleKind, ChNr
    import qcodes.instrument_drivers.Keysight.keysightb1500

[docs]class B1530A(B1500Module): """ Driver for Keysight B1530A Waveform Generator/Fast Measurement Unit module for B1500 Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer. Warning: At the moment this driver implements no functionality of the module. Args: parent: mainframe B1500 instance that this module belongs to name: Name of the instrument instance to create. If `None` (Default), then the name is autogenerated from the instrument class. slot_nr: Slot number of this module (not channel number) """ MODULE_KIND = ModuleKind.WGFMU def __init__( self, parent: "qcodes.instrument_drivers.Keysight.keysightb1500.KeysightB1500", name: Optional[str], slot_nr: int, **kwargs: Any, ): super().__init__(parent, name, slot_nr, **kwargs) self.channels = (ChNr(slot_nr), ChNr(int(f"{slot_nr:d}02")))