Source code for qcodes.instrument_drivers.AlazarTech.utils

The module provides useful utility objects for the Alazar driver class.
The purpose of these is more to provide relevant functionality and less to
improve the code structure (which is more the purpose of the
:mod:`.AlazarTech.helpers` module).

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, cast

from qcodes.parameters import Parameter, ParamRawDataType

    from .ATS import AlazarTech_ATS

[docs]class TraceParameter(Parameter): """ A parameter that keeps track of if its value has been synced to the ``Instrument``. To achieve that, this parameter sets the ``_parameters_synced`` attribute of the ``Instrument`` to ``False`` when the value of the parameter is changed. This parameter is useful for the Alazar card driver. Syncing parameters to an Alazar card is relatively slow, hence it makes sense to first set the values of the parameters, and then "synchronize them to the card". """ def __init__(self, *args: Any, **kwargs: Any): self._synced_to_card = False super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) def _set_updated(self) -> None: self._synced_to_card = True @property def synced_to_card(self) -> bool: """True if the parameter value has been synced to the instrument""" return self._synced_to_card
[docs] def set_raw(self, value: ParamRawDataType) -> None: instrument = cast("AlazarTech_ATS", self.instrument) instrument._parameters_synced = False self._synced_to_card = False