Source code for qcodes.instrument_drivers.AlazarTech.helpers

This module provides helper objects for Alazar driver class. The objects allow
to hide realted pieces of logic into a form of "submodule" (analogious to
:meth:`.InstrumentBase.add_submodule`) that can be included into the driver
class in some way.

from .ats_api import AlazarATSAPI
from .constants import Capability

[docs]class CapabilityHelper(): """ A helper class providing convenient methods for various useful 'query capability' (``AlazarQueryCapability``) calls for a given Alazar board. Most common capabilities are enumerated in :attr:`.CAPABILITIES`. For frequently used capabilities, dedicated convenience ``query_<...>()`` methods are available. Args: api: Instance of Alazar ATS API class handle: Handle of a specific board (from ``AlazarGetBoardBySystemId``) """ CAPABILITIES = Capability def __init__(self, api: AlazarATSAPI, handle: int): self._api = api self._handle = handle
[docs] def query(self, capability: int) -> int: """Query the given 'capability' of the board""" return self._api.query_capability_(self._handle, capability)
# Convenience and specific methods
[docs] def query_serial(self) -> str: return str(self.query(self.CAPABILITIES.GET_SERIAL_NUMBER))
[docs] def query_latest_calibration(self) -> str: """Query latest calibration date in '12-34-56' format""" # ``date_int`` is a decimal number with the format DDMMYY where # DD is 1-31, MM is 1-12, and YY is 00-99 from 2000. date_int = self.query(self.CAPABILITIES.GET_LATEST_CAL_DATE) date_str = str(date_int) date = date_str[0:2] + "-" + date_str[2:4] + "-" + date_str[4:6] return date
[docs] def query_memory_size(self) -> int: """Query board memory size in samples""" return self.query(self.CAPABILITIES.MEMORY_SIZE)
[docs] def query_asopc_type(self) -> int: return self.query(self.CAPABILITIES.ASOPC_TYPE)
[docs] def query_firmware_version(self) -> str: """ Query firmware version in "<major>.<minor>" format The firmware version reported should match the version number of downloadable fw files from AlazarTech. But note that the firmware version has often been found to be incorrect for several firmware versions. At the time of writing it is known to be correct for the 9360 (v 21.07) and 9373 (v 30.04) but incorrect for several earlier versions. In Alazar DSO this is reported as FPGA Version. """ asopc_type = self.query_asopc_type() # AlazarTech has confirmed in a support mail that this # is the way to get the firmware version firmware_major = (asopc_type >> 16) & 0xff firmware_minor = (asopc_type >> 24) & 0xf # firmware_minor above does not contain any prefixed zeros # but the minor version is always 2 digits. firmware_version = f'{firmware_major}.{firmware_minor:02d}' return firmware_version