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import logging
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

import hickle

from qcodes.utils import deep_update

from .hdf5_format import HDF5Format



log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class HDF5FormatHickle(HDF5Format): _metadata_file = 'snapshot.hickle' _format_tag = 'hdf5-hickle'
[docs] def write_metadata( self, data_set: "", io_manager=None, location=None, read_first=False, **kwargs ): """ Write all metadata in this DataSet to storage. Args: data_set: the data we're storing io_manager (io_manager): the base location to write to location (str): the file location within io_manager read_first (Optional[bool]): read previously saved metadata before writing? The current metadata will still be the used if there are changes, but if the saved metadata has information not present in the current metadata, it will be retained. Default True. """ # this statement is here to make the linter happy if io_manager is None or location is None: raise Exception('please set io_manager and location arguments ') if read_first: # In case the saved file has more metadata than we have here, # read it in first. But any changes to the in-memory copy should # override the saved file data. memory_metadata = data_set.metadata data_set.metadata = {} self.read_metadata(data_set) deep_update(data_set.metadata, memory_metadata)'writing metadata to file %s' % self._metadata_file) fn = io_manager.join(location, self._metadata_file) with, 'w', encoding='utf8') as snap_file: hickle.dump(data_set.metadata, snap_file)
[docs] def read_metadata(self, data_set: ""): """Reads in the metadata Args: data_set: Dataset object to read the metadata into """ io_manager = location = data_set.location fn = io_manager.join(location, self._metadata_file) if io_manager.list(fn):'reading metadata from file %s' % self._metadata_file) with, 'r') as snap_file: metadata = hickle.load(snap_file) data_set.metadata.update(metadata)